Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tim McGraw Makes Brett Favre Sing + Justin Moore Sings in Your Backyard

Tim McGraw just hit 10,000 followers on Skor, the twitter like site for sports fans and cause his buddy Brett Favre said he could never do that, Brett will now have to sing part of a Tim song.

Justin Moore’s big announcement yesterday is he’ll play live at a fans house for free plus he’ll also be giving away guitars, autographed CD’s and thank you phone calls. To find out more head to

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler told an Opry crowd this week he’s working on a solo country album and says, "I have more country in me than people think.” No release date is set yet.

When Garth played Sacramento recently, a fan took a cardboard guitar and on it she wrote, “Hey Garth, want to trade?” He called her to the front of the stage, traded his guitar for hers, then "played" the cardboard guitar for the next song. He also handed her a piece of paper from his pocket; a meet & greet pass so she could get her new guitar signed. 

Finally - Trisha Yearwood’s on the Wendy Williams Show today.