Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shania’s North American Tour Will Be Her Last + Carrie Underwood’s Work Out Line Debuts

Shania’s first North American tour in over 10 years will also be her last. It kicks off June 5 in Seattle and tickets go on sale March 13. The 48-dates have openers Wes Mack and pop star Gavin DeGraw and Shania says she won’t play any new music on it, just the stuff we know and since this is her last tour she wants to “go out with a bang."

Carrie Underwood’s new work out line, CALIA, sold at Dick's Sporting Goods is out today both in stores and on line. Carrie says, “it's fitness clothing where you can look cute dropping your kids off at school or meeting a friend for coffee. My goal was to bridge the gap between ugly workout clothes and ones you could wear anywhere.”

Speaking of Carrie, her husband Mike has an update on his new son and says, “everyone is feeling good and we're definitely blessed to have him in our lives. There's no better feeling than being a dad."

Finally - among the oddest things Thomas Rhett’s autographed are a baby’s forehead and a woman’s pregnant stomach.