Monday, March 16, 2015

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler Goes Country and Brad Paisley's Afraid of Washing Machines

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler moved to Nashville recently and I hear he’s getting a record deal with Big Machine that will be announced soon as he’s supposedly working on a debut country album.

Brad Paisley’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. The other day Jimmy asked Brad what appliance he’d be most afraid of if it came to life and Brad said, “the washing machine cause they’re scary anyway and they’re the one thing you buy that’s trying to leave the minute you turn it on.”

Miranda Lambert’s mom and grandma taught her the lesson of owning up to mistakes and saying she’s sorry. Miranda says, “I think it's OK to make mistakes because I learn from them.”

Tim McGraw narrates a new documentary called Shaq & Dale; exploring Shaquille O’Neal’s college career at LSU under coach Dale Brown. It debuts on ESPN’s SEC Network April 13.

Finally – Lady A’s Hillary Scott was in Australia last week and her daughter couldn’t go. She tweets, "I've been away from Eisele so long I've asked almost every mom I see if I can hold their child."