Friday, February 27, 2015

Keith Urban Has Surprise Show in Nashville + Shania's TV Special Airs Saturday Night

Keith Urban flew from the live American Idol show in Hollywood last night to Nashville for a surprise midnight acoustic concert at the Ryman. He started to play his hit, ‘Long Hot Summer’ but he must have been tired from the flight cause he realized he was really playing the intro to 80s hit, ‘Jessie’s Girl.’ At the end of his set he called Eric Church onstage to sing with him and I hear the night also included free White Castle burger sliders.

Miranda Lambert’s from Texas but when she married Blake Shelton she moved to his home state of Oklahoma and says, “Oklahoma’s welcomed me and we love living there but I’ll always be proud of being a Texan.”

Thomas Rhett’s not only a huge Bee Gee’s fan; he also admits to loving the movie ‘Grease.’

Kimberly from Little Big Town hopes they can do Sesame Street one day cause they’re kids would love it and if they do, Kimberly says they’ll turn ‘Tornado’ into ‘Tomato.’

Finally - Shania: Still the One Live from Vegas, airs Saturday night on ABC.