Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brett Eldredge Open's for Darius Rucker’s Tour + Jake Owen Reveals Why he Goes Barefoot

Brett Eldredge will open for Darius Rucker’s ‘Southern Style Tour’ that kicks off May 14. I hear Brett works out daily and juicing’s one way he stays slim. He says right now his favorite juice is a combination of kale, spinach and apple.

Jake Owen says growing up in Vero Beach, Florida he was literally on the beach every day with his feet in the sand and that’s why he does most of his shows barefoot.

Lee Brice started in Nashville as a songwriter and his turning point was his song, ‘More Than a Memory’ being recorded by Garth in 07. He became a very sought-after songwriter when it became the first single in the history of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs to debut at #1. To celebrate the date it went #1, he had Sept. 15, 2007 tattooed on his left forearm.

Finally - the soundtrack to the documentary, ‘Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me’ is out today and it includes The Band Perry’s version of ‘Gentle on my Mind.’