Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Brett Eldredge Karaoke's With Fans + Chase Rice Gets Bus Puppy

Last night Brett Eldredge wrote on Twitter and Facebook that he was going to karaoke and he gave fans a little over an hour to meet him at a Nashville parking lot. They ended up going to Troubadour’s and Lonnie’s. Brett said he was absolutely blown away by how many people showed up.

On Eric Church’s Outsiders World Tour, he uses a 100-person road crew. The 9-month tour costs $19 million to stage with 16 trucks and busses for the band, crew and equipment. Each show takes about six hours to set up with the guys working 18 hour days. Eric says his crew has really become family to him.

Cole Swindell spent three years as a songwriter in Nashville and after stars like Luke Bryan started cutting his songs, labels noticed Cole could sing from his demo tapes, so he booked some shows and that led to his record deal.

Finally - Chase Rice has a bus puppy; an adorable black flat-coated retriever he named Cash.