Thursday, February 5, 2015

Luke Bryan's Marriage Secrets + Darius Rucker is a Comic Book Nerd

Luke Bryan married his wife Caroline in 06 and they keep their marriage strong by having coffee together in the morning, just the two of them before their two young boys are up. It’s Luke’s favorite time of the day. He also adds, “every night before bed, I rub my wife’s feet and she says they’re the best foot rubs on earth.”

Darius Rucker is a self-proclaimed comic book nerd; he buys about 60 different titles every month and his favorites are Wolverine, Captain America and X-Men. I found out Darius also has a hidden tattoo he got at 22 of the Miami Dolphins logo. As to where it’s located Darius says “it’s below the Mason-Dixon line."

Finally - Brett Eldredge has enough songs to record a new album tomorrow so I’m sure we’ll see a new record from him sometime this year.