Monday, December 22, 2014

Garth Donates $200,000 + Dierks Bentley Turns Into Clark Griswold

Friday night in Nashville, Garth stopped by Justin Timberlake’s concert to sing ‘Friends in Low Places’ with him. Justin says Garth’s always been his hero.

Saturday night Garth performed at Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas benefit for four Nashville charities. At the end of the show, someone told Kelly they’d raised $200,000. Then Trisha Yearwood whispered in her ear and made her bawl; she and Garth were gonna match the $200,000.

Sugarland, the concert promoter and 16 others have to pay $39 million dollars to the families and victims of that stage collapse in 2011 at the Indiana State Fair where 7 were killed and 100 hurt.

Dierks Bentley says now that he’s a father of three, he’s turned into Clark Griswold with decorating the tree and putting lights up around the house.

Finally - Kimberly from Little Big Town says on Christmas Eve they all get together in the living room of her sister's house and open one gift at the same time and it’s always matching pajamas.