Friday, July 9, 2021

Luke Bryan will stop by MTV & Tim McGraw’s guilty food pleasure

Kenny Chesney may switch from writing beach songs to aeronautical tunes as he says he’ll be among thousands watching Richard Branson and crew fly to space Sunday morning at 8 CT. Head to Virgin Galactic Global Livestream on YouTube. If all goes according to plan, and a lot could go wrong, the VSS Unity will lift off from New Mexico. The mothership will carry it several miles then the space plane must immediately fire its rocket engines and accelerate to three times the speed of sound. Richard and three crew will be on board. They tried something like this in 2014 and it crashed and killed the pilot. Richard wants to start flying tourists to space on this rocket plane next year and Kenny’s all for that!

Tim McGraw’s guilty food pleasure is a cheeseburger and he takes it to another level by adding jalapeno poppers with cream cheese between two patties.

Finally - Luke Bryan will stop by the MTV comedy series, Ridiculousness Saturday to talk about his Proud to Be Right Here tour that kicked off Thursday. I also hear one of Luke’s favorite things to do is listening to 80’s bands like the Beastie Boys, Heavy D and Duran Duran.