Thursday, July 1, 2021

Lady A performs on Good Morning America & Trisha Yearwood’s up for some Emmy's

Dierks Bentley rented a home in Telluride, Colorado during the pandemic and he still has it. He’s been doing lots of biking and hiking but recently got hurt on a 100 mile gravel bike race, the same one Luke Bryan went on. At mile 60, he was going 30 miles an hour downhill when he flew over the handlebars and hit his head and hip hard. He still finished the race and later found his intense neck pain was from a spinal disk pressing against his nerve.

Luke Combs is back on the road this year and his wife wants to take along a tiny breed of cow like Jon Pardi has. Luke says the problem is he’ll be the one shoveling manure.

Carly Pearce tweets, “when you hit the high notes you have to squat. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.” Now we know why Carrie Underwood squats a lot when she sings.

Trisha Yearwood’s Southern Kitchen cooking show has two Emmy Nominations; “Outstanding Culinary Program” and “Outstanding Multiple Camera Editing!

Finally - Lady A performs on Good Morning America tomorrow.