Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Charles from Lady A’s out of the hospital & Garth and Trisha give quite an anniversary gift

Charles from Lady A’s out of the hospital after having appendicitis. He said he’s healthy and back with the band to play Billy Bob’s in Dallas this weekend. Charles was put on heavy antibiotics making him not need surgery and he said he recovered quickly.

Word has it Blake and Gwen are putting off a honeymoon for now. They both have work commitments coming up so it's a busy time. I hear they’re extremely happy and excited about finally being married. The tabloids say the couple are talking about having a baby and it’ no secret Gwen wants a daughter. Sources says there’s a few ways they can go about that but “the discussion is definitely on the table.”

Finally - Garth and Trisha gave former President Jimmy Carter and his wife a very nice 75th wedding anniversary gift; a red convertible from 1946, the year they were married. Garth has done this several times before. In 1993, he saw a couple on Christmas Eve who had a broken down car. He found out where they lived and an hour later brought them the keys to a really nice used one. When the lady asked if he was Garth Brooks, he smiled and said he was just a big fan.