Friday, June 11, 2021

jason aldean reality show rumors & Luke Combs most embarrassing moment on stage

Weeks ago it was rumored Jason Aldean and his wife were going to be part of a reality show based in Nashville. Jason says they were in talks with the network but said no because they didn’t want people in their house all the time. He and his wife will make occasional appearances on the show because their friends are part of it.

Luke Combs says among his most embarrassing moments ever on stage was leaving his fly down not once but twice when he played the Opry. Luke said it was down for the whole set because no one ever told him.

Rumor has it Keith Urban has a ‘Do Not Pick Him’ list of actors his wife Nicole Kidman cannot do romantic scenes with. Gossip Cop is shooting down the rumor tho as "completely false."

Finally – this weekend Kane Brown’s on Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Reboot teaming with a restaurant to make Nashville hot chicken. It’s on Guy’s Facebook page Saturday night and is a benefit for the restaurant industry.