Monday, June 21, 2021

Gwen throws Blake Shelton a surprise party & Tracy Lawrence got Kenny Chesney really good

Gwen Stefani surprised Blake Shelton with a backyard birthday party in California this weekend. As everyone’s waiting for him, Blake finally reaches the back doorway and Gwen can be heard saying, "it's your birthday," because he thought the surprise was for someone else.

Years ago Tracy Lawrence got Kenny Chesney really good! Kenny was opening for him and Tracy got the Future Farmers of America to loan him several crates of chickens. While Kenny was singing, Tracy got some girls to set chickens on the stage in front of him. There ended up roosting all over the stage. After that, Tracy turned three baby greased pigs loose on Kenny’s bus.

Eric Church admits he’s a guy who always pushes the envelope and says, “I sometimes even love ruffling people’s feathers. With me, you’re going to get what you get.”

Finally - Carly Pearce has several tattoos. One on her wrist are the words, ‘she believed she could so she did…’ The inspiration for that was her ex-husband Michael Ray.