Thursday, March 11, 2021

Keith Urban’s Nutty Birdseed Diet & Carly pearce likes brett eldredge

The National Enquirer reports friends of Keith Urban are worried about his health. A source says he’s only eating nuts, berries and seeds. They’re calling it “Keith’s Nutty Birdseed Diet.” I don’t believe it because their ‘how Keith looks like now’ photo is well over two years old.

Carly Pearce says she’s generally done dating any guy in the music biz but she has an exception; Brett Eldredge. She and Brett opened for Blake Shelton’s tour a few years back and got to know each other.

Eric Church’s nickname Chief comes from his grandpa who was also called that. When Eric’s band started calling him Chief early on they didn’t even know about the family connection.

Michael Ray tweets, “every day you wake up, you’re given a new 24 hours. Don’t eat up the present with past anxiety.”

Finally - Maren Morris is on The Ellen Show today and Reba’s on Young Sheldon tonight on CBS.