Friday, February 19, 2021

you have to try Niko Moon's cobbler & Carly Pearce’s new EP is out today

Dolly Parton’s asking the Tennessee lawmakers to remove a bill to have a statue in her honor at the Tennessee Capitol. Dolly says there's too much going on in the world to put her on a pedestal right now, but several years from now would be OK.

Jason Aldean’s a master with an iron. Growing up he wanted everything ironed and his mom got tired of always doing it so she taught him how.

Newcomer Niko Moon's 'Good Time' EP has just gone platinum! Niko and his wife were recently on Facebook making one of his favorite things; 7-Up Peach Cobbler. Niko says it’s one of the best peach cobblers ever and it only has 3 ingredients; a boxed cake mix, peach pie filling and 7-Up.

Finally - Carly Pearce’s seven-song EP, ‘29’ is out today, documenting her 29th year of life. Carly won’t speak publicly about her divorce from Michael Ray but she isn’t afraid to sing about it and says, “I think there’s something for everyone on this record.”