Friday, February 5, 2021

Kane Brown has a free concert tonight & eric church sings the superbowl national anthem

On her way home from vacation this week, Miranda Lambert’s vehicle was side swiped in Atlanta. Some guy tried to squeeze between them and a semi going 70 MPH. He hit her Airstream on the passenger side sending she and her husband fishtailing into the left lane. Thankfully Brendon did a great job keeping the trailer steady. Miranda said it’ll be repaired and they’ll soon be back to their vagabond ways.

Kane Brown has a free concert tonight at 7 CT at Sunday, Eric Church and R & B singer Jazmine Sullivan sing the National Anthem at the Big Game. It’s on the CBS Kick-Off Show that starts at 5 CT. Then at 10 PM Luke Bryan and Eric Church perform at a Superbowl after-party on YouTube & TikTok. I hear Carrie Underwood’s game food will include chips and salsa, bite-sized things, beer and pizza!

Finally - Morgan Wallen was dropped yesterday by the William Morris talent agency. They were in the middle of planning a massive headlining arena tour and a European tour. But yesterday Morgan had the #1 song and album on iTunes and of the top ten country tunes, nine were his.