Tuesday, February 23, 2021

how Keith Urban gets rid of concert jitters & how Luke Combs wife knew he was the one

One way Keith Urban gets rid of concert jitters is a 1985 workout cassette from Hulk Hogan. They crank it backstage and he and the band do a pre-show workout with Hulk. Keith says it’s absurd in all the right ways. I also hear the strangest thing Keith was ever asked to sign was a fans nose. He thought that was just too weird and said no.

Jason Aldean’s obsessed with buying things off infomercials. He owns a Pedi Paw for his dogs’ nails, a Magic Bullet blender and a Slim Clip money clip he uses instead of a wallet.

Luke Combs met his wife Nicole at a songwriter festival in Florida. She knew right away she could be herself with him and said, “we could be weird in front of each other and that’s when I knew Luke was a keeper.’” Nicole says quarantine’s been a blessing because as newlyweds they’ve been able to spend basically every day together.

Finally - Jake Owen often brings his Jeep on tour so he can do things like go fishing. Other road must haves for Jake are vintage movies and gummy bears.