Thursday, January 7, 2021

Kenny Chesney’s underwater reef park & Luke Combs fans kept his crew alive

Kenny Chesney’s joined with some conservation groups to plant thirteen 10,000-pound reef balls near Delray Beach in Florida. They’ll make a 32-acre underwater reef park. Kenny said, “people don’t realize how fragile and resilient the ocean’s ecosystems are.”

Luke Combs says his fans are the reason he was able to keep 21 crew guys on his payroll last year. He said they would not have survived the financial burden of the pandemic. In the early days Luke was his own tour manager and booking agent and said he actually enjoyed that.

As for 2020 and her very rough year, Carly Pearce wrote, “For every lesson learned, I’m grateful. For every uncomfortable moment, I’m better. A lot of things broke my heart but fixed my vision.”

Finally - one thing Brett Eldredge has learned during quarantine was playing piano. He took a few lessons then just kept practicing by himself at home, though he still doesn't read music.