Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Blake Shelton has a new album is on the way & Luke Combs on 'Elvising'

Growing up in Sneedville, TN, Morgan Wallen wanted to be a pro baseball player and was well on his way when an elbow injury ended that. He was supposed to play in college but that injury changed his direction to music and he started playing guitar and writing songs. A few years later got a record deal.

Luke Combs tour bus was built with a white interior because he’s often parked under a dark arena and that started affecting his mood. While on tour, Luke’s Saturday night tradition is “Elvising,” where after the show, he and his wife get to his already running bus and pull out before fans even get to the parking lot. 

Lindsay Ell will perform songs from her album, ‘Heart Theory,’ Feb. 12. All proceeds will go to charity and special guests will be announced soon. Tickets are on sale now at 

The first one up in the morning at Garth’s house is Garth. He's also the one most likely to misplace something. Garth’s lost his wallet four times and each time it's been mailed back with all the money still in it. As for who has the lead foot in the family; that’s Trisha.

Finally - Blake Shelton’s confirmed a new album is on the way and “Minimum Wage’ is its first single.