Tuesday, December 22, 2020

garth drives trisha crazy & Dolly has a two pie christmas

Earlier this month, Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike attended a cattle auction and that’s where he bought two cows for her an early Christmas present. It was his first-time at an auction and he got overwhelmed by how fast the auctioneers spoke. Mike said, “I raised my paddle a few times and next thing I know they're loading up two cows to bring home.'"

Garth reveals there’s one thing he does that gets on his wife’s nerves; he whistles constantly and it drives Trisha absolutely nuts. Thomas Rhett says what drives his wife crazy is he’s a perfectionist.

Dolly Parton always prepares a massive Christmas meal for her family. Instead of turkey they use big chickens. They also have ham, chicken and dumplings and both pumpkin and sweet potato pie.

Finally - Jon Pardi’s grandmother loved country music, especially Randy Travis, George Strait and Alan Jackson. Jon says his grama’s the one who put music in his ear.