Thursday, December 10, 2020

Brett Eldredge performs tonight on NBC & Miranda Lambert’s worst gig ever

The mayor of Tishomingo, OK, where Blake Shelton lives, just signed a proclamation naming Blake honorary mayor. He’ll soon be getting his own plaque. Speaking of Blake, one of his favorite Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald’s been hurt but yesterday was activated for Sunday’s football game. Blake tweeted, “I haven’t been this happy since I had my first bacon and mayonnaise sandwich!!”

Carrie Underwood’s silver lining to the pandemic is going to the mall in a ball cap and mask and nobody knows it’s her. She feels like a regular mom now doing Christmas shopping.

Miranda Lambert’s worst gig ever was playing at an old train car in Dallas that was turned into a bar. The stage was so you could only see Miranda from the chest up tho. There were five people there and they all wound up bloody in the parking lot by the end of the show.

Finally - Brett Eldredge performs on One Night Only: The Best of Broadway on NBC tonight and then Blake Shelton’s on Late Night with Seth Meyers.