Friday, November 27, 2020

Morgan Wallen’s on Saturday Night Live & Carly Pearce loses her Christmas spirit

Morgan Wallen’s on Saturday Night Live next weekend. Two months ago he was supposed to be on but broke NBC’s Covid protocol. Morgan said that low moment in his life turned out to be a good thing.

Carly Pearce told some friends she didn’t want to decorate or put up a Christmas tree this year. A few days ago a package was left on her front porch with new ornaments inside. Thanks to her friends, Carly said that got her excited for the holidays and she’s getting a tree.

Growing up, Blake Shelton’s sister would compete in pageants so his mom would enter him too. She said Blake didn’t do well in the beauty part but sang great in the talent portion but he was a terrible dancer!

Finally - Luke Combs daily routine is doing stuff around the house, writing and letting his chickens out in the morning. Luke can’t see his neighbors, he hunts right out the backyard and he calls it living the redneck dream.