Tuesday, September 8, 2020

fgl's tyler falls & Kane Brown reveals his dream collaboration

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line had surgery last week on his Achilles tendon and broken ankle bone. The other day he was trying to get outside with his leg in a knee scooter when he wiped out going down a stair to his driveway. Tyler said he and his wife laughed until they cried watching the footage from his doorbell cam.

10-years-ago Luke Combs had a mullet he called a North Carolina Neck Warmer and it included NFL player Jared Allen’s racing stripes on the sides. Fellow mullet fan Morgan Wallen tweeted, “bring it back Luke, bring it back.”

Brad Paisley’s dad Doug was watching the Dodgers game the other day when he spotted the card board cut out of himself, Brad and Kimberly. With no crowd there Doug said he could hear the umps talking about wanting to go get a beer and Dodger Dog after the game.

Finally - Kane Brown reveals his dream collaboration is Shania Twain. She found out and tweeted, “let’s do it.”