Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Thomas Rhett hooks himself & Tim McGraw cries at TV commercials

Thomas Rhett was fly fishing yesterday and accidentally hooked himself in the back of the leg. He had to push it out the other side, cut the barb off then pull it back through.

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike went fly fishing last weekend and Carrie caught a bigger rainbow trout than he did. He joked that he didn’t like that she catches bigger fish. I also hear Carrie has a new trainer, Mike. He’ll also work out with subscribers on her Fit52 app.

Tim McGraw's 53 and says he’s getting more and more emotional about everything. He thinks quarantine has also sped up that process. Tim reveals he now cries at TV commercials and calls it “ridiculous."

Finally - Luke Bryan’s boys Bo and Tate have no interest in music. They’re more into sports, hunting and fishing. Luke’s going to ask their school if he can take them on a Shark Research Boat. Luke says that would let them learn something off the wall that they’d never normally have the opportunity to do.