Monday, August 3, 2020

Luke Combs is married & Luke Bryan’s wife had a rough weekend

Luke Combs got married to longtime girlfriend Nicole Hocking Saturday in front of family at their southern Florida home. Even tho there was a hurricane threat, the ceremony was not interrupted. Because of Covid all of their family & friends could not be there. Luke said they’d celebrate with all of them early next year.

This weekend Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline went to college tweeting, “I left a big piece of my heart today in Georgia. Been dreading this day for years, but it’s time for Til to fly.” Til’s their nephew. His mom, Luke’s sister died in 07 then his dad died in 2014 and the Bryan’s adopted him. Luke says his sons Bo and Tate are back in school today but Nashville schools are only having virtual classes. Luke and his wife learned they don’t have the patience to home school.

Finally - Blake Shelton's Ole Red Orlando recently opened in Florida. It has a red tractor hanging over the stage that Blake’s GM found on some back road in Tennessee. It was an actual working tractor and he talked the guy into selling it. The menu includes tater tots Blake says aren’t like the grocery store. His are scratch made and hand-scooped to order.