Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Luke Bryan's pandemic perk & old dominion comes clean on the meows

Luke Bryan says one pandemic perk is he’s gotten to sleep next to his wife a lot more and says, “but I’m not sure she’s enjoying that.” On TV, they’ve been watching Yellowstone. Luke says he especially loves the music he calls Texas cowboy music.

Last week Old Dominion released a remake of their latest album that replaces most all of the lyrics with the word "meow." Fans want to know why. Lead singer Matthew Ramsey reveals it was just a bunch of grown men making a joke. I guess the band had to leave the studio a lot when recording because they couldn't stop laughing.

Jake Owen thinks men who use gift cards on a first date gives guys a bad name.

The weirdest thing both Jason Aldean and Keith Urban ever autographed was a fan’s prosthetic leg.

Finally – when Blake Shelton heard that Big 12 presidents will allow college football to move forward this season. Blake tweeted, “Doing a happy dance!!! Football is oxygen to me.”