Thursday, August 6, 2020

Luke Bryan performs on the Today Show & who's Luke Combs celebrity crush

Luke Bryan will perform on the Today Show tomorrow morning. During quarantine, Luke planted 5-acres of sweet corn. When he told his dad he wanted to do that he said, “son, you're an idiot. You won't even know what to do with that much sweet corn.'" Luke bought a tractor, tiller, planter and a plow. So far he’s sold $1,100 worth of corn putting him about $30,000 in the hole today.

Garth says he and Trisha have used quarantine to quote, "face everything.” He says they’re both alphas who like to be the leader so quarantine has been the most they’ve ever gone through as a couple. Garth says "it's probably that way with a lot of families, the matriarch is gonna follow the rules and make sure the silly boys kind of keep in line."

When Dan + Shay recorded their new single, ‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ Shay hit a note so high, he shattered a glass window in the studio.

Finally - Luke Combs high school celebrity crush is Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.