Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kane Brown gets lost in the woods & Luke Bryan performs live Friday

The day Kane Brown and his wife moved into their new home, he and a friend got lost for 7-hours on Kane’s wooded 30 acres. They took ATV’s out on a trail they made then it started raining plus it was getting dark. They ended up running out of gas and got stuck on a cliff with a big drop-off. They had to call the police to help them find their way back.

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline constantly prank each other. He says “I literally get tortured and have scars from her pranks." He admits there is a line he draws with her tho; snakes. She’s terrified of them, even rubber snakes. Luke says she’s the one who started the pranks and now she has prank anxiety. On Friday Luke will have a live performance and a Q&A with Amazon Music to celebrate his new album. You can send him your questions now.

Finally - Maren Morris says she’s gotten sucked into Bravo TV's Below Deck Mediterranean. It’s about people on a mega yacht trying to navigate heartbreaks to power struggles. It also includes a chef that has to deal with picky and demanding guests. Maren says, “I’ve worked in the service industry and I’m too scared to ever send food back.”