Tuesday, August 11, 2020

images can be seen in Carrie Underwood’s knees & Tim McGraw’s pandemic cravings include hot milk cake

Fans say faces and images can be seen in pretty much every photo of Carrie Underwood’s knees. In 2018, her knee became an internet sensation when fans saw a Lord from the Harry Potter book. Carrie even posted a photo of her knee one time that did resemble a baby’s face.

Yesterday Brad Paisley caught and released a lime green snake he found in the grass. His wife Kimberly posted, “fun fact; Brad caught this whilst wearing no pants but he wouldn’t let me show you that part.”

Tim McGraw’s pandemic cravings include his mom’s hot milk vanilla cake. Tim also revealed Faith’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes, cheeseburgers and his wife’s roasted chicken’s also been on the menu.

Finally - Miranda Lambert and husband have their sights set on traveling the California coast soon in their new Airstream. She says touring never let her see places like this and the pandemic’s made it possible.