Monday, July 6, 2020

Maren Morris removes all photos of her son & will Brett Eldredge do The Bachelor

Maren Morris deleted all photos of her 3-month-old son Hayes from Instagram Friday after being mom-shamed one too many times. She and her husband had talked about not posting photos anyway until he’s a bit older, but Maren said other moms definitely “forced their hand.'

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have 2 cats, Ginger and Snow. On walks Nic carries them in a backpack with a window so they can peek out and get some air. She says they love it.

Brett Eldredge was asked if he’d ever want to be on NBC’s The Bachelor and said, "I don't think so cause I like my private life too much." As for dating post-pandemic, Brett said, ‘once we get out of this, conversations will have more depth and we’ll hopefully cut out things that don’t give value to our life."

Finally – Luke Combs is a huge Will Ferrell fan and he hopes one day to have him in a music video. Luke says he’s always wanted to meet him and thinks he’s the funniest guy on the planet.