Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Fans are mad at Keith Urban & Luke Bryan pranks his dog

Fans are mad at Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman because the government let them skip the 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine when they got to Sydney, Australia yesterday. They did have to pass a health check at a private airport but were granted special permission to self-isolate at home. Fans said once again the rich and famous always get a pass.

Jason Aldean’s 2-year-old son Memphis has hair so long his mom sometime puts it in a bun. Jason gets lots of mean comments on social media and says, “when u are talking about my child I will come out swinging. So let's agree to disagree and say no more!"

Luke Bryan pranked his chocolate lab Choc yesterday. He was watching Luke eat so he tossed him a slice of tomato. After Choc chewed it for a few seconds he spit it out.

Tim McGraw will have a live stream to talk about his upcoming album, ‘Here on Earth,’ August 21 at 8 PM CT. Tickets are on sale now for $15 at

Finally – Willie Nelson’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live,