Monday, June 22, 2020

Luke Bryan's wife is attacked & Carrie Underwood's closet surprise

Last week Luke Bryan's wife Caroline was attacked by her turkey, Al. He hit a tendon in the back of her leg, making it hard to walk. Caroline had to get a tetanus shot and she needed a cane for a few days too. Al’s attacked her before but this was the worst one. She says it’s a love hate relationship.

For the first day of summer this weekend, Carrie Underwood posted a photo in one of her new CALIA by Carrie swimsuits. What got more attention than the bikini was her massive closet where Carrie has a washer and dryer.

As for his pandemic tune, ‘Six Feet Apart,’ Luke Combs didn’t write it to be opportunistic, corny or cheesy, he wanted to give people hope. Luke said, “anything that can give someone even three minutes of relief I'm proud of.”

Blake Shelton’s favorite dessert is Rice Krispie treats and he says he can't live without them. As for the craziest thing Blake's ever eaten, he and his friend once cooked crow just so they could say they've eaten crow. Blake said don’t try it tho, it was terrible.

Finally - Jason Aldean’s son Memphis will be three in December and his new thing is putting sentences together. Each day he says a new word or sentence and Jason’s like, 'where did he learn that one? He said he and his wife really have to watch what they say now!