Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jake Owen loves NY Pie & Willie Nelson’s concert rider is eclectic

Next time you’re in Nashville, you’ll probably find Jake Owen is at NY Pie; his favorite pizza place. They sell it by the slice and Jake says they make their own dough and all of their tomatoes are imported from Italy.

Blake Shelton has a brick pizza oven in his backyard but still hasn’t figured out how to use it. He had his friend who owns a restaurant show him how but Blake says he actually prefers Pizza Hut or frozen from the grocery store.

Willie Nelson’s concert rider is eclectic. Everything has to be organic; milk, potatoes and all fruit. The rider includes a dozen free range brown eggs, four-thin cut pork chops, a six-pack of Dr. Pepper and 2 gallons of aloe vera juice. On Wednesday & Saturday only, Willie’s rider states you must provide him organic celery, cottage cheese & 2 rolls of paper towels.

Finally - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been at their Nashville home during quarantine. Keith’s been recording in his home studio, Nic’s learning Italian and they’re both doing a lot of reading and playing card games with their daughters.