Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Garth’s working on a secret project & Keith Urban celebrates 14 years

Several fans complained about Garth’s drive in show last weekend because it wasn’t live. Last night Garth revealed he’ll play a live acoustic show July 7. I also hear Garth’s working on a secret project with actor Chris Pratt. All we know is Chris will be singing country music.

Since Chase Rice was blasted for having a packed concert last weekend, he says there’s a lot of opinions on COVID-19 and live music crowds. Going forward Chase will do drive-in shows and says at some point he'll have to start cutting his employees pay if all this continues.

Actress Reese Witherspoon tweeted, “to the woman in the parking lot who just asked if I was Carrie Underwood, you officially made my day!” Carrie responded, "YOUR day, that lady just made my whole life!"

Finally - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary a few days ago with Italian takeout from a place in Beverly Hills. They both wore face masks because California law mandates that.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Kelsea Ballerini slams chase rice & Miranda Lambert rescues a kitten

Chase Rice posted a video of his concert in Tennessee Saturday night. It was outdoors and fans were shoulder-to-shoulder not wearing masks. Kelsea Ballerini slammed Chase writing, “imagine being selfish enough to put thousands of people’s health at risk. The rest of us care about our fans and their families enough to wait.” Chris Janson played in Idaho this weekend to a sea of people and posted a video then later removed it from Instagram.

Miranda Lambert and her husband were driving down a Texas highway yesterday when he spotted a tiny orange kitten in the road. Miranda says her rescue ways are rubbing off on him. That kitten will be their newest pet. This weekend Chris Young found a fake Twitter account for his dog Porter intended to scam people. Chris wrote, “this is low and dirty, take it down!”

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike have a new quarantine hobby; beekeeping.

Finally - Dierks Bentley has a concert tonight on his Instagram page at 5 CT and you can now pre-order Keith Urban’s album, ‘The Speed of Now Part 1.’

Friday, June 26, 2020

Dolly Parton’s out on vinyl today & the Dixie Chicks change their name

Jon Pardi, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker are part of a three-night drive-in concert series in Nashville, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Jon plays July 10, Brad the next day and Darius July 12 and tickets go on sale today.

‘The Very Best of Dolly Parton’ is on vinyl for the first time ever today. Tenille Townes debut album, ‘The Lemonade Stand’ is out with 12 songs, all co-written by Tenille. Her biggest pet peeve is the sound of popcorn in a bowl.

Blake Shelton’s obsessed with gum and his favorites are Big League Chew, Orange Orbit, and Bubble Tape. Blake said he’ll often chew three pieces at a time.

Saturday night, Garth has a concert event at 300 drive-in’s across the US and Canada. I also hear an acoustic show with he and Trisha is in the works.

Finally – the Dixie Chicks will now be known as The Chicks. The 1960s New Zealand pop group with the same name is letting them co-exist together.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Carrie Underwood's tour secret & The CMA Stay-Cay streams July 1

Carrie Underwood always does her own hair and makeup on tour and her secret is piling it on thick and using lots of glitter on her eyes. Carrie says making the bus her home is also important. When she’s off the road, Carrie’s place to unplug is home and she always sleeps better in her own bed.

In college Luke Combs played rugby and he was so big, Luke said he’d just crush people.

Kane Brown grew up listening to country music but he had a brief interest in R&B during his middle school years. After winning a talent contest in the 11th grade singing Chris Young’s ‘Gettin’ You Home,’ Kane returned to his country roots.

The CMA Summer Stay-Cay will have performances and Q&As with Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Luke Combs, Chris Janson, Lady A, Jon Pardi, Carly Pearce, Rascal Flatts, Michael Ray and more. It streams on the CMA YouTube channel and Facebook page July 1.

Finally - Brett Eldredge’s favorite meal is anything Thai especially sticky rice with mango.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jake Owen loves NY Pie & Willie Nelson’s concert rider is eclectic

Next time you’re in Nashville, you’ll probably find Jake Owen is at NY Pie; his favorite pizza place. They sell it by the slice and Jake says they make their own dough and all of their tomatoes are imported from Italy.

Blake Shelton has a brick pizza oven in his backyard but still hasn’t figured out how to use it. He had his friend who owns a restaurant show him how but Blake says he actually prefers Pizza Hut or frozen from the grocery store.

Willie Nelson’s concert rider is eclectic. Everything has to be organic; milk, potatoes and all fruit. The rider includes a dozen free range brown eggs, four-thin cut pork chops, a six-pack of Dr. Pepper and 2 gallons of aloe vera juice. On Wednesday & Saturday only, Willie’s rider states you must provide him organic celery, cottage cheese & 2 rolls of paper towels.

Finally - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been at their Nashville home during quarantine. Keith’s been recording in his home studio, Nic’s learning Italian and they’re both doing a lot of reading and playing card games with their daughters.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are getting divorced & Luke Combs performs on the Tonight Show

After 8-months of marriage, Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are getting divorced. A source close to her said it was a hard decision and not something Carly wanted to do. It had nothing to do with quarantine and was a “last resort." A recent Instagram post showed Carly without her wedding ring and Michael hasn’t been in any of her newest photos.

Jon Pardi, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker are part of Live Nation’s drive-in concerts in Nashville, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Jon plays July 10, Brad on the 11th and Darius July 12. The music will be heard thru big speakers and not car radios and tickets go on sale Friday.

I don’t know what gift Gwen Stefani got Blake Shelton for his 44th birthday but the cake was an edible mini Farmall red tractor with a little Blake and Gwen driving it.

Glen Campbell’s widow Kim has a tell-all book out today, ‘Gentle On My Mind: In Sickness and in Health with Glen Campbell.’

Finally - Luke Combs performs on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Luke Bryan's wife is attacked & Carrie Underwood's closet surprise

Last week Luke Bryan's wife Caroline was attacked by her turkey, Al. He hit a tendon in the back of her leg, making it hard to walk. Caroline had to get a tetanus shot and she needed a cane for a few days too. Al’s attacked her before but this was the worst one. She says it’s a love hate relationship.

For the first day of summer this weekend, Carrie Underwood posted a photo in one of her new CALIA by Carrie swimsuits. What got more attention than the bikini was her massive closet where Carrie has a washer and dryer.

As for his pandemic tune, ‘Six Feet Apart,’ Luke Combs didn’t write it to be opportunistic, corny or cheesy, he wanted to give people hope. Luke said, “anything that can give someone even three minutes of relief I'm proud of.”

Blake Shelton’s favorite dessert is Rice Krispie treats and he says he can't live without them. As for the craziest thing Blake's ever eaten, he and his friend once cooked crow just so they could say they've eaten crow. Blake said don’t try it tho, it was terrible.

Finally - Jason Aldean’s son Memphis will be three in December and his new thing is putting sentences together. Each day he says a new word or sentence and Jason’s like, 'where did he learn that one? He said he and his wife really have to watch what they say now!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Tim McGraw and Little Big Town are on United We Sing & Garth’s drive-in concert show's on sale

Tickets go on sale today for Garth’s drive-in concert show June 27. They’re $100 per car load. His 23-year-old daughter Allie Colleen’s on Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show this weekend. She’ll be singing and cooking with Trisha who she calls her bonus mom.

Miranda Lambert was in New York yesterday with her husband. An ice cream truck went buy and she got a rainbow snow cone saying, “anytime I can follow the music of the ice cream truck to happiness I want to. I’m either running to ice cream or running it off!” Growing up they lived so far from town, Miranda either had homemade Kool-Aid freezer pops or an Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Tim McGraw and Little Big Town are on United We Sing: A Grammy Salute To The Unsung Heroes hosted by Harry Connick, Jr. Sunday night on CBS.

Finally - Brad Paisley surprised Daniel Hayden, a cattle and chicken farmer in Kentucky with a year's worth of N95 masks for he and his staff. Brad said, "I appreciate you keeping the food chain going for all of us."

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Luke Bryan’s on The Tonight Show & Blake Shelton turns 44 today

Luke Bryan’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight. Luke’s real name is Thomas Luther and growing up kids called him ‘Lex Luther," so, he finally just shortened it to Luke. Lex Luthor was Superman's arch-enemy.

Blake Shelton turns 44 today. For the guy who has everything, last year Gwen Stefani gave him a huge handmade ‘Welcome to the Ranch’ sign for his place in Oklahoma.

Michael Ray and Carly Pearce have quarantined between Nashville and her parents’ home in Alabama. While there Michael said they took a lot of ‘wine walks’ where you drink wine as you walk around town.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman own two homes in Australia, one in New York City and one in LA but their main house is Nashville. It’s 10,000-sq-ft with 7 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms.

Finally - Kane Brown tweeted, “if you’re ever having a bad day, remember if you have a warm meal at night and a roof over your head, life ain’t bad at all.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

lady a mad at lady a & Dolly's got a new book out in November

We thought Monday’s talk between Lady A and the Seattle blues singer Anita White or Lady A went well but apparently not. Anita said, "I received a draft agreement from their camp and I'm not happy. They’re trying to erase me and I no longer trust them.” Lady A’s made no comment. Anita told them there’s no way she’s giving up her name.

The Voice has hired Gwen Stefani back next season. She’ll join returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. The show will premiere sometime this fall.

Dolly Parton’s ‘Songteller: My Life in Lyrics’ is a book out in November telling the stories behind 175 of her songs. It’ll also include never-before-seen photos and memorabilia. Dolly was just the guest speaker at a virtual graduation and told high school seniors in Sevier County, TN where she was born, "as you go out in this big world, know dreams do come true.”

Finally - Carrie Underwood and her husband’s 4-part series, ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country’ has their last show tonight on iamsecond.com.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Lady A finally talks to Lady A & Martina McBride shares her famous Fluff Salad

Yesterday Lady A reached out to Seattle singer, Lady A privately on Zoom. They said it was a transparent, honest, and authentic conversation and they’re excited to share they’re moving forward with positive solutions and common ground.

Luke Combs and his fiancĂ©e lost their favorite chicken, Agatha Sunday after a raccoon snuck into the coop. Luke said she was the “sweetest, sassiest chicken ever and I’ll miss letting her out every morning.” During this quarantine, they’ve also planted a garden and they’re cooking every meal together. Luke says he’s finding joy in the quiet.

Martina McBride’s on Southern Living’s Biscuits and Jam podcast today talking about her famous Fluff Salad. It includes pineapple, mini marshmallows, Cool Whip and pimiento cheese spread.

Finally - Tim and Faith’s 21-year-old daughter Maggie’s graduating this year from Stanford. She studied marine biology and has been helping Feed the Frontline in Nashville getting donations to buy food from restaurants to give to Covid frontline workers.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Jason Aldean moved into his mansion & Lady a have a problem

Last week Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A but Lady A’s a 61-year-old blues singer from Seattle who's been performing under that name for over two decades. She slammed the band for not even consulting with her first and said, “I don’t know if the new Lady A will issue a cease-and-desist but I’m not about to stop using my name.” She does own the trademark for Lady A LLC.

Jason Aldean moved into his mansion this weekend. It took 2-years to build and features 8 bars, a bowling alley and a kitchen with a restaurant style flat top where Jason cooked fried eggs Saturday. Brittany has a 2-story closet with a wine bar and hundreds of pairs of shoes that take up an entire wall. Their backyard has palm trees, a massive pool and water fall plus a lazy river and jets that make it seem like a rip tide. There’s also a 2-story water slide, tiki bars and a Koi pond. Jason also has a room with a big screen just for playing virtual golf.

Finally – at 11 AM CT Garth will reveal what drive in’s he’s playing later this month. Today, he’ll play Words With Friends 2 on twitch.tv/crown at 6:25 PM CT. He’ll compete live against Trisha and his inner circle of songwriters. He’ll also answer questions from people watching.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Lady Antebellum will now be known as Lady A & Chris Young turns 35

Lady Antebellum will now be known as Lady A. Yesterday they dropped “antebellum” because it’s associated with a time before the Civil War when there was slavery. The band wrote, “we are deeply sorry for the hurt this has caused, that was never our intention so today, we speak up and make a change.”

Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike took to social media yesterday to get help finding his vintage Ford F250 crew cab stolen Wednesday near Edmonton, Alberta.

When Tim McGraw’s oldest daughter went on her first date years ago, he was out of town but still wanted to meet him. The next day, Tim was trimming meat when the doorbell rings and it’s her date. He answers it with a knife in his hand and a bloody apron on. Tim thought that set a good stage to meet him.

Carly Pearce says the one thing she needs out of her house is her husband Michael Ray’s obsession with wrestling. She absolutely hates it!

Finally – Chris Young turns 35 today.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Garth’s playing 300 drive-in's & Carly Pearce is live on Instagram at 4 CT

Garth just announced he’ll host a concert event at 300 drive-in’s across North America June 27. Tickets go on sale June 19 and will cost $100 per car or SUV load. Cars will park six feet apart, theatre employees will wear masks, and they’ll also limit capacity in restrooms.

According to US Weekly, insiders say Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been gearing up to finally marry as soon as social distancing guidelines are lifted. A close source says COVID-19’s inspired them to make their relationship official.

Carly Pearce is live on Instagram at 4 CT. Tonight Eric Church is on A Tribute Celebrating John Prine on John's YouTube and Facebook pages. Also on the show; Vince Gill, Bill Murray, Kevin Bacon and more. It’ll benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Alive Hospice.

Finally - for years now, Jake Owen’s been talking about slowing down to spend more time with family. He said it took the pandemic to finally force him to do that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

luke bryan helps new country duo & Willie Nelson has livestream benefit tonight

Jason & Brittany Aldean’s 2 ½ -year-old son Memphis has never had his hair cut and when Jason shared a photo of him in the ocean, an internet troll wrote, “get him to the barber shop," then added a rolling eyes emoji. Jason answered back with two emoji’s; one shushing and one a fist. Brittany said, "I don't know why people care. We just want him to look like a little surfer kid.”

New country duo, CB30 are brothers Christian and Brody Clementi and Luke Bryan’s taken them under his wing. Their father’s a Nashville songwriter who’s known Luke for years. Luke even helped the guys get a record deal and he took them out as openers on a few of his tour stops.

Tonight Willie Nelson and his wife Annie host A Night for Austin, a livestream benefit at 8 CT. It will include a virtual tip jar and all proceeds will go to charities in Texas.

Finally - as for our world now, Tim McGraw says, “pandemic makes us want to shut down and not let the world in but reaching out’s what keeps us from turning bitter and scared.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Orlando opens June 19 & Chris Janson's a chiropractic nerd

Blake Shelton’s newest Ole Red will open in Orlando, Florida June 19 at 50% capacity. Tables will be six feet apart. Staff will wear masks and get temperature checks before working. Menus, plates, silverware and condiments are disposable. The menu includes tater tot poutine and bar-b-que gator wings.

Chris Janson calls himself a chiropractic nerd and he watches Dr. Jason in Los Angeles do adjustments on YouTube. Last year on the way to his show in LA, Chris popped a rib out from airplane turbulence and when he got to LA, he met Dr. Jason. The doctor’s a big fan so he came to the show with his table to adjust Chris and now they’re good friends.

Kimberly from Little Big Town’s on Southern Living’s Biscuits-and-Jam Podcast today. Tonight Michael Ray’s Honky Tonk Tuesday has Clint Black and Brad Paisley’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Finally - Thomas Rhett has written nearly 40 songs during this 60 day quarantine. Thomas feels like he’s been more creative than ever. His new album should be out in a few months.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton make Forbes list & Blake Shelton and Gwen seen at Lake of the Ozarks

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are the only country stars on Forbes list of the 100 World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities. Luke’s # 62 with an income of $45.5 million and Blake was # 70, making $43.5 million.

Michael Ray started Honkytonk Tuesday to entertain himself during quarantine, but it's turned into a showcase for 90s country stars. His guests have included Mark Wills, Marty Raybon, Phil Vassar, Aaron Tippin and Jeff Carson. The show’s been reaching almost 21,000. This '90s music has also stoked the fire for Michael’s next album that he’s currently working on. He adds Honkytonk Tuesday will not be going away after the quarantine’s over.

Finally - last Thursday, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were at Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. They spent the day with friends and family and got there on a friend's boat. They ate at the Dog Days Bar & Grill’s top deck that’s reserved for private parties. Then they headed to the Cajun-themed Shorty Pants Lounge where they were seen without masks and they were also photographed not socially-distancing with a few fans.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Thomas Rhett just wants to tour & Garth knocks down a tree

During this time of quarantine Thomas Rhett’s been frustrated he can’t tour. His wife reminded him he’s getting to spend triple the amount of time with his family right now. Thomas says he’s never been home this much in 10 years!

Garth says his therapy during this downtime is working on the farm. The other day he knocked down a tree with a bulldozer and says that's what makes him happy.

When Jake Owen moved to Nashville years ago, he opened an account in a bank on Music Row with the hopes of bumping into someone in the industry. After giving his bank teller a CD demo, she called him a few days later to say she’d passed it on to another customer, the head of Warner Chapel Music Publishing but it still took Jake a year to get a record deal.

Finally - Food Network star Guy Fieri will be on Happy Hour With John Rich on Big & Rich’s Facebook page at 7 CT today. Tomorrow Michael Ray and Carly Pearce play the Opry. It’s on their Facebook or YouTube pages at 7 CT.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Carrie Underwood's working on a Christmas album & Dierks Bentley guests on Geeks Who Drink

Yesterday Carrie Underwood announced she’s working on a Christmas album that’ll be in stores this holiday season. They usually come out sometime in October.

Jake Owen grew up in Vero Beach, Florida. His mom was Florida’s Watermelon Queen. His grama’s macaroni croquettes are legendary. You press cooked macaroni in a dish, cut it into squares, dip in batter and fry in a cast iron skillet. Then you top with pimento cheese and it gets all melty. It also wasn’t a Sunday meal at grama’s without collard greens and she made sweet tea that Jake drank so much, he says it’s in his blood.

During the lockdown, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been homeschooling their daughters. Keith admits Nic’s the better teacher given he was a high school dropout at 15.

Finally - Dierks Bentley will guest on Geeks Who Drink tonight. He’ll play their Pub Trivia and for everyone who joins in, Guinness will donate $1 to a charity that helps those affected by natural disasters. Just head to geekswhodrink.com at 7 CT.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

CMT Celebrates Our Heroes & Jake Owen guests on the Biscuits and Jam podcast

CMT Celebrates Our Heroes: An Artists of the Year special tonight honoring COVID-19 heroes. Performers include Blake Shelton, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Zac Brown, Lady A, Little Big Town, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Kane Brown. It’ll also air on the cable channel TV Land.

Jake Owen was the first guest on the Biscuits and Jam podcast yesterday at southernliving.com. Future guests include Kimberly from Little Big Town, Willie Nelson and Brett Eldredge. Jake’s daughter Paris is a year old now and his favorite thing is giving her a bottle every morning. Jake said he’d normally be on the road and calling from his bus in a parking lot so this down time’s been a real blessing.

Tim McGraw’s first acting gig was on Jeff Foxworthy's show and he confesses that was the most nerve-racking thing he's ever done.

Finally - Carrie Underwood
and her husband’s 4-part series, ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country’ has the 2nd installment tonight on iamsecond.com.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trisha Yearwood’s working on her fourth cookbook & Tim McGraw’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Lady A’s Charles Kelley just got done reading, 'It's a Long Story, My Life, Willie Nelson.’ He said, “Willie never gave up even when the odds were obviously stacked against him. At the end Willie talks about love, tolerance and change. That’s hitting pretty close to home right now. A must read!”

Yesterday Maren Morris tweeted, “I never thought being a parent meant getting depressed watching the news then being so happy to turn it off and just hang with my baby.”

Miranda Lambert
says she was never comfortable in her 20s with silence so she was constantly filling space with things, people or projects. Miranda says “now that I’m 36, I recharge by quiet."

Trisha Yearwood’s working on her fourth cookbook. It’ll be comfort food recipes and out next year. Her chief taste tester as always is Garth.

Finally - Tim McGraw’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight on NBC.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Nashville rioting hits the Ryman & Little Big Town perform on The Tonight Show

Nashville had rioting Saturday night as protestors demanded justice for the death of a black man in police custody. They broke windows in several places including The Ryman and John Rich‘s Redneck Rivera and set fire to the courthouse and city hall. Tomorrow several record labels are closing in an act of solidarity with the black community. Thomas Rhett’s the father of one black and two white daughters and tweeted, “we’ve navigated forms of racism directly and I stand with all who have faced it. We will be fighting this fight for the rest of our lives.”

Carrie Underwood shared two TikTok videos this weekend showing what she thinks may be a ghost in their cabin. As Carrie filmed, she thought she detected an extra presence around her and said, ‘who are you? What do you want?" but the place remained quiet.

Saturday Carly Pearce wrote, “5 years ago, I performed on the Opry with no record deal and no songs on the radio. I was an Airbnb cleaner just trying to get my break in Nashville.”

Finally – tonight Little Big Town perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.