Thursday, April 9, 2020

Michael Ray has a couch concert today & Carrie Underwood's house is spotless

Michael Ray has a couch concert today on Instagram Live at 3 PM CT to raise money for musicians. Thomas Rhett will have a home concert tomorrow night on Facebook and Instagram to benefit the American Red Cross.

Carrie Underwood
says being at home is going well and they hang out on their acreage a lot when the weather’s nice. Every day she tries to come up with some kind of craft to entertain her 5-year-old Isaiah. Carrie adds, “my house is also spotless.”

Dolly’s been married to Carl Dean for 54 years next month. She says they laugh all the time and they’re good friends but Dolly’s always said the marriage works because she’s gone a lot for her job. As for living in self-quarantine now Dolly says separate rooms are pretty much essential.

Finally - when Sam Hunt moved to Nashville, he parked cars for a hospital and he’d help people get in the hospital for their appointments. Sam did that for several months then got a publishing deal letting him write songs full time. He never had another normal job again.