Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Garth & Trisha Live airs tonight & Sam Hunt just got a bidet

Jason Aldean and his wife recently sent a Panera lunch to pharmacy staff in New York who they heard were "working their tails off." Jason and Brittany are staying at their beach home in Florida right now with their kids.

Sam Hunt’s wife just got a bidet from Amazon. He told her to send it back cause he didn’t want anyone to have to use it. Sam doesn’t want it in his house and even tho he’s never tried one, he says it just seems like a bad idea.

Kane Brown thinks his wife's going crazy because when she gets groceries now she takes them out of the bag before she comes in the house and she washed all 100 pieces with a Clorox wipe.

Garth & Trisha Live airs tonight on CBS. It’s an intimate concert from their home studio. They and CBS will donate $1 million to charities dealing with COVID-19.

Finally – Lady A’s Hillary Scott turns 34 today.