Tuesday, April 14, 2020

blake shelton shows off his mullet & Michael Ray is live tonight on Instagram

Blake Shelton was on the Tonight Show last night and had Gwen Stefani shave Jimmy Fallon’s initials into his quarantine mullet. They didn’t show up tho cause Blake has so much grey hair. Jimmy said he looked like Joe Exotic from Tiger King. Miranda Lambert posted a throwback photo yesterday taken with Joe Exotic. It was during Hurricane Harvey when she went to Houston to help relocate shelter dogs. Joe volunteered and Miranda said she never knew who he was.

Tim McGraw did a puzzle of Elvis yesterday only to find out part of Elvis's ring finger was missing. Tim never said if he was able to find that one missing piece.

Chris Janson calls himself a tight wad and believes money’s something you save. The other day Chris bought a range finder at Bass Pro using an expired coupon. He was seen arguing with the salesperson saying the coupon was only 18 hours expired.

Finally - Michael Ray has a show tonight on Instagram. He’ll also have a few guests and they’ll play their favorite classic country songs. It starts at 7pm CT.