Monday, March 2, 2020

Miranda Lambert's husband retires & Charles Kelley steals his kid's fries

Miranda Lambert's husband Brendan took a leave of absence as a New York City police officer last summer and now we hear he’s officially retired and is working on her security team. He even wears an earpiece. A source says he’s the last person you see before you get in to the meet-and-greet and he’s the guy asking if you have anything for Miranda to sign. He was seen February 7 at her show in Tulsa monitoring lines of people and checking bags as they came in. Fans are also being told, ‘no photos with Brendan.’

Luke Combs turns 30 today. He learned to play guitar one summer when he was home from college. He was 21 and wondering what to do with his life. His mom said, “you know Kenny Chesney didn’t learn to play guitar till he was 21” so Luke said, “if he could do it that late, so could I!”

Finally – this weekend Lady A’s Charles Kelley tweeted, “the best thing about eating out with your kid is eating all their fries.” His son Ward is four and he not only loves to sing he’s also been on the road. That’s taken him on over 100 flights and multiple continents, including Europe.