Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Luke Combs had a show from his garage & Blake Shelton will grow his mullet back

Luke Combs had a 20 minute show last night from his garage. He even shared a new song about what storms do as they pass thru and the lyric said, “hold on for better days till the sunshine shines again.” Jake Owen also had a half hour live show from his house late last night and even took requests thru Twitter.

Blake Shelton’s decided to grow his mullet back as a symbol of hope. He says his girlfriend Gwen Stefani is on board with that too.

Tyler Hubbard’s wife Hayley is having a boy! The reveal took place a few weeks ago when they were in Africa when a baby elephant walked out with a blue scarf on. Hayley found out before they left for Africa what the baby was so Tyler was genuinely surprised!

Luke Bryan’s home ran out of paper towels yesterday and his wife said if someone brought them by she’d trade up with toilet paper.

Finally - Garth offered some hope the other day saying, “we’ll all get through this, I promise.”