Thursday, March 19, 2020

Friday news..a day early!

Miranda Lambert has two Grammys, 13 CMAs and 34 ACMs but you won’t see them at her house unless you’re really looking. They have their own small room where Miranda can close the doors so she doesn’t have to quote, “live in it all the time.”

Carrie Underwood’s guilty pleasure is microwave burritos which she eats multiple times a week cause they’re easy.

Newlyweds Carly Pearce and Michael Ray refuse to go more than two weeks without seeing each other. They share a management team so that makes it easier. They also pick a week each year to block out just for them.

Jason Aldean and his wife don’t talk about his hunting because she hates that he does it. She’s an animal rescuer and once made him live trap an armadillo and relocate it.

Finally - Garth says what’s so cool about Blake Shelton is right when you meet him, he’s really good at making you feel comfortable in your own skin.