Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Carrie Underwood’s book is out & Luke Combs interesting career start

Tornados touched down in Nashville last night. One hit very close to downtown so today I’m sure we’ll hear if any celebrity restaurant/bars were hit. Canadian country star Brett Kissel tweeted, “the tornado has touched down outside our condo. Trees are everywhere and a few crushed cars too. The AutoZone by our place is absolutely destroyed.”

Carrie Underwood’s book, ‘Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life’ is out today. To get ready for a tour, her trainer has her run and sing and jump rope and sing cause it helps to make sure she won’t get winded. When she was on Idol Carrie read posts about her weight gain and says, “I let haters be my motivators.” She lost the weight eating as few as 800 calories a day.

Luke Combs started his music career recording tunes on his own then posting them on Tune Core. A month later they sent his first check. He was hoping for maybe $200 but when he opened it, the total was $11,000. Luke’s first thought was to buy an Xbox and some Little Debbie snack cakes.

If Tyler from Florida Georgia Line needs a babysitter, he’d pick Kelsea Ballerini, but not Luke Bryan. Tyler would not say why tho.

Finally - Dustin Lynch has been dating model Kelli Seymour for over a year. They met on Instagram. She’s based in LA and he’s on tour but they’re still able to make it work.