Monday, March 16, 2020

ACM Awards have been postponed & Michael Ray was just trying to be funny

Due to coronavirus, April’s ACM Awards have been postponed till September. Nashville’s mayor closed all bars on Lower Broadway and restaurants can seat no more than 100. Bar’s in Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean’s places and more must limit capacity to no more than 50 with no standing allowed. Before the closures last night there was a big gathering at a bar and Maren Morris tweeted, “while the rest of us are trying to be responsible in our homes, Broadway you aren’t a hero for staying open.”

Chris Young
posted a photo yesterday sporting a big, bushy mustache and wanted our opinion. A lot of fans hated it and several thought he looked like a 1980 Magnum P.I or actor Jack Black.

When Michael Ray tweeted last week that Coronaboomer babies are coming this holiday season, he said it was meant to be funny and not a hint that Carly’s pregnant.

Finally - Kane Brown‘s still trying to sell his $120,000 tricked-out Ford truck. With the birth of his daughter Kingsley, Kane just bought an electric Tesla and calls it his “dad car.”