Wednesday, February 26, 2020

FGL want Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert 's leaned a new instrument

Florida Georgia Line finished a new song last week and yesterday wrote on Instagram, “Carrie Underwood whether you know it or not, we’re huge fans and we’ve always wanted to do a song with you. We’ve just been waiting on the right one. We think this is it.”

Before a show, Jason Aldean often plays pickle ball. He also brings he and his crew’s softball championship trophy on the road. Jason always has it in the room they hang out in before the show.

Miranda Lambert recently learned how to play the washboard and says just like a normal person, she learned how watching YouTube.

Finally - Luke Bryan says being a judge on Idol made him a better parent because he sees the struggles today’s kids have. Luke says the toughest part of being so busy is time away from family. On tour he often takes his wife, two sons and nephew. It’s a tight squeeze on the bus but Luke says it works thanks to iPads, snacks and a well-stocked fridge.