Friday, January 10, 2020

willie nelson's wife afraid to sleep with him & no carbs after 5 for Kenny chesney

Tyler Hubbard from FGL picks one word every year that’ll determine how he lives. For 2020 it’s ‘discipline.’ Tyler says it’s the way he sets boundaries so he can be the best version of himself for others.

Whenever Blake Shelton’s in New York City he always has lunch at Trattoria Dell'arte because Blake’s obsessed with their expensive pizza, they start at $26. A bowl of soup is $14 and salads are $25 bucks!

Thomas Rhett’s
dad Rhett Akins wife is having a son in March. Thomas’s daughter will also be born very soon so they’ll almost be the same age. His dad’s little boy will be her uncle.

Willie Nelson’s wife Annie says it’s dangerous to sleep with him. He’ll dream and kick and scream. After 29 years of marriage, Annie still hasn’t gotten used to it.

Kenny Chesney
won’t eat carbs after five including potatoes, rice and pasta. Kenny says if you go to bed at night without eating carbs, you wake up feeling leaner.

Finally - Luke Bryan will perform at The American Express PGA TOUR in La Quinta, CA January 18. Tickets are on sale now at