Thursday, January 16, 2020

Maren Morris says no to crunches, sit ups or jumping & Thomas Rhett spotted at Chick-fil-A

Maren Morris is pregnant and her son will be born in March. She still work’s out with a trainer several times a week but with modifications like elevated push-ups. Maren can still do a lot of things but no more crunches, sit ups or jumping. She won’t be the only new mom in her crew tho as her bass player Annie is also having a baby. Maren says that’ll happen when you’re an artist who employs women.

Last week Thomas Rhett and his road crew were spotted in Frankfort, Kentucky having lunch at Chick-fil-A.

When Dan + Shay sang at Justin Bieber’s wedding last year they were glad they’d both had their weddings because Justin’s was quite extravagant. The other day the guys posted a video of their no frills recording studio. It’s an extra bedroom in Dan’s house. All they have is a laptop, blankets tossed around to make the sound better and a mic in the corner.

Finally - Little Big Town have an album out tomorrow so tonight they’ll play Carnage Hall. The last time a mainstream country act did that was Alan Jackson 15 years ago.