Thursday, January 9, 2020

Jason Aldean's new eating plan & Luke Combs story sounds like a lie but it's true

Jason Aldean said he’s always been thin but as he gets close to 43, that’s changed so he met with a nutritionist last year. He said, “it's not rocket science. I do a lot of protein and vegetables and not too many carbs or sugar.” In between meals Jason has a protein bar.

Luke Combs has a story about himself that sounds like a lie but is true. When he was at one of his first label meetings in Nashville he was told the songs weren’t good enough. They eventually all went #1. Luke said, “the moral of the story, don’t ever let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams.”

Miranda Lambert
can't live without her coffee and says “don't talk to me before I have coffee. Period."

Finally - after a workout, Tim McGraw always has a juice he makes with kale, banana, apple and jalapenos. Lunch is whole milk with a tuna or peanut butter sandwich. If he could work out with anyone, dead or alive Tim said he’d wanna do karate with Elvis.