Tuesday, January 21, 2020

blake and Gwen's video debuts & Ingrid Andress hopes pixar comes calling

The video for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s tune, ‘Nobody But You’ debuted today. I really liked it! One of my favorite scenes was when they’re eating in a diner and Blake uses a french fry as a microphone when he sings to Gwen. They also show scenes of them at his farm, on a coach with one of his dogs and a few more lovely dovey things but it’s not too over the top.

Speaking of Blake, he says the strangest gift he ever got from a fan was found one night after he got off stage. Among the stuffed animals there was a brown paper sack and when he opened it, an iguana crawled out! Blake said he screamed like a girl when it launched itself from the sack and landed on his shirt. It’s funny he was surprised because growing up Blake was obsessed with the Texas horned lizard.

As a baby, Luke Bryan was so sickly, his mom had to bounce him a lot. She hummed while she bounced him and Luke could actually hum songs before he could even talk. In the 2nd grade Luke was hit by a car but thankfully did not have any permanent damage.

Besides music, Ingrid Andress has a goal to voice an animated character in a Pixar movie but in a funny role. Ingrid says she doesn’t ever want to be the romantic interest.

Finally - Maren Morris’ husband Ryan Hurd has been spoiling his wife during her pregnancy. He’ll not only walk downstairs to get her ice cream now, he’ll take it back when she’s done.