Monday, December 16, 2019

Luke Bryan's ‘12 Days of Pranksmas starts & Carrie Underwood doesn't want any Christmas presents

Luke Bryan started his ‘12 Days of Pranksmas’ Friday getting his mom. He hired a girl to pretend to want to fight him. She tackled him on a golf course. His mom was screaming and trying to pull her off. A fake police officer arrived then Luke’s wife got in on it. When Luke says “Mama! Twelve days of Pranksmas,” he and his wife collapse to the ground laughing. His mom fell down exhausted saying, “don’t you ever do that again.”

Chris Young was on a flight Friday and tweeted, “I hate when someone five rows back sprints past as soon as the seat belt sign turns off. Where do they think they’re going? The doors aren’t even open yet.”

Kane Brown took back control of his Twitter Saturday writing, "it’s 1:24 PM. Have not left my bed yet. My dogs asleep, my kids asleep and my wife is watching TV.” Kane added, “26 years old and I just ate crab for the first time and it was delicious. I grew up on McDonald’s. I eat as American as you can (chicken and potatoes).”

Finally - Carrie Underwood doesn't want any Christmas presents because if there’s something she wants, she just buys it.