Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Keith Urban and family are headed to Australia & Blake Shelton was #2 last night on The Voice

Keith Urban and family are headed to Australia for Christmas. It’ll be between the upper 70’s to 90 degrees (25-32 Celsius) and he says it’s normal to wear shorts and tank tops and be at the beach Christmas Day. Keith and Nichole’s home there was built in 1878 and includes two living rooms, a grand piano, a chef’s kitchen, apple orchard, extra cottage and 111 acres for their Black Angus cows.

Blake Shelton
came in #2 last night on The Voice finale. The winner was country singer Jake Hoot and his coach was Kelly Clarkson.

When Luke Combs first moved to Nashville, he accidentally nearly ran Vince Gill over on a staircase at a downtown bar one night. Luke said Vince was as humble about it as you'd expect.

Carrie Underwood has to be careful with her dad at Christmas. When she bought him a $400 generator one year he got mad she spent that much money on him.

Finally - Miranda Lambert’s pre show meal is often burritos and nachos.