Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Kane Brown’s daughter is smart & Shania’s cooking for David Copperfield

Jason Aldean finally met Kane Brown’s daughter Kingsley and said, “she's beautiful and he's over the top with her as a first-time dad.” Kane says she’s also really smart and at 6-weeks old Kingsley’s already pulling her pacifier in and out of her mouth.

Before girlfriend Gwen Stefani came along, Blake Shelton admits he wasn’t always the nicest guy. He says, “I don’t want to remember what I was like before Gwen. I was a jerk to everybody.” I also hear Blake and Gwen have been butting heads over how to decorate their new Los Angeles home. She wants modern with glass and all-white and Blake says that just shows all the dirt.

Shania’s doing her residency in Las Vegas now and after her show’s over, she and good friend magician David Copperfield order out for late-night food. But his meat is always too raw and vegetarian Shania has to recook it for him.

Finally - Thomas Rhett performs on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tonight.